Course Presentation not recording any score

I have used course presentations a lot with opigno.

Just did a new install of opigno 1.23, updated the quiz module, updated h5p modules and libraries to get the reporting function.

Now course presentations don't record a score within opigno

(interactive video type does though)

Any help would be greatly appreciated


update - column doesn't score either

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Unfortunately Course Presentation is not compatible with the new scoring method in Drupal Quiz yet. We will be fixing this, but don't have an ETA for it. Hopefully someone in the community will fix it quickly.

Many thanks for your response falcon.

Just to clarify

I don't mean the individual scores with course presentation, i mean any score when finish is clicked in opigno.

If you get all correct the score is 0 out of 10.

This also happens with the column type exactly as described above. (though documentation suggests column should have full reporting)

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Ok, Column is supposed to support this. We'll investigate and get back to you in this thread.

Hi is there any news on this issue?

Sorry :) I know you are busy 

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Hi Allie, 

just to follow up. I haven't been able to reproduce that exact bug in the drupal quiz module with column. Do you think it could be an opigno issue?



The .h5p files were all examples from

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If I choose "Activate Active Surface Mode" or "Hide Summary Slide", Course Presentations disregards any score within itself. Is this also whitin reach of this fix?

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Yes, however it is problematic to know exactly when a user has finished Course Presentation. I suppose one way to look at it would be to say that he has finished when he has taken all the questions that yields scores. But a counter-argument to this would be that the user might go back to revise some of his answers at this point, so he wasn't really done. The current solution requires the userto go to the summary slide to convey that he is done with the task, which is quite unintuitive.

I suppose the best solution from a logical viewpoint would be to make the user click a "submit" button or similar visit the summary slide when he is done with the task, but this is not a good UX approach and as pointed out here it does not work with certain settings in CP. This leads me to think that some compromise must be made here to make sure that the score is registered when the tasks are done. I think registering the Course Presentation as done whenever a question is answered might be the best solution, however I'm not sure how this will affect the different LRS's out there.

Can you tell me if the column type has been fixed yet and if so which release number.

I assume from the discussion above that the problem with course presentation still persists?

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Hi Allie, column has been fixed with the latest release:

(just scroll to the bottom of the page for the latest package)

Yes, course presentation could definitely be improved.



I have installed the new opigno v1.24.

I use a lot of course presentation types and have moved all content to this version.

To install the latest library so that column scores I need to update the H5P plugin.  If I do this will that mean that course presentation will no longer score?

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Column will work in the exact same way as before. 

Thanks Tim, however, my question is about course presentation.  

If I upgrade the h5p module will I lose the scoring (and I mean scoring i.e. 8 out of 10 etc not reporting) on course presentation?

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Hi Allie, sorry for my typo. I meant to say that Course Presentation would work the same way as before.