Video links with Vimeo URLs?

Hi all - we're attempting a trial project using WordPress, but currently using the H5P set-up to create 6 x videos/links between and whilst it accepts YouTube shortcodes, it does not recognise Vimeo ones. Is this correct? (PC + Chrome)

Also, to link back to the main video (which has branching to the other 5), is there a way to return to the previous marker point with the URL plus a time code?

Many thanks

Paul Ashworth

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Hi, H5P only supports Vimeo pro as the 'normal' video doesn't have the necessary API's the last time we checked:

It should be possible in the future but may require some developer time.

There isn't a way to link back to the main video at a specific time.

But if 'Save Content State data' is on in the H5P configuration, linking back to the main video continue where it left off. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Great - thank you Tim!

Hi Paul,

Although you can't put the Vimeo URL into H5P what you can do is get the real path to the video file and enter that instead. That works well.

In your Vimeo Pro account, edit the video and find the "video file" tab, you can then grab the actual video URL that will include the Vimeo player and embed nicely into H5P. You can choose the different res versions too.

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Very nice!

Thanks Lewis - will have a go at that!

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Hi, tks for instructions.

If you have a Vimeo Pro, using Portuguese, go to " Acessar seus arquivos de vídeo" copy and past de full link and it'll works.



Vimeo Pro gives several options for the direct link. If I choose the HD one, will the player adjust for slower bandwidths? Or do I need to add the link for each resolution? I want to use Vimeo's streaming service, but don't want user to have to watch the HD one if they don't have the bandwidth for it.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Roger!

I fear that using vimeo, you'll have to add videos for all resolutions that you want to offer.



Hi Oliver!

When I upload the video, I have links available to three different resolutions (see screen shot). Should I add all of them to the H5P player? Of if I just use the HD one, will the H5P player (and/or Vimeo) automatically adjust the resolution for the best playback experience?

Thanks again!

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I could be wrong, but what you're pointing at are is rather intended for download and not part of a streaming service with adaptive bitrate or similar. You'll have to add the files individually.


Please, could you tell me whether is it possible to use videos from Wistia? 

I have tried with the embedded code but I couldn't. 

Many thanks! 


Is there any way to protect our interactive videos from being downloaded without using Vimeo or Wistia? 

I found this article: 


So I was wondering if you can give me any other option. I don't want to upload my videos in mp4 format because despite h5p gives the option to uncheck the box to download the content students can still do it. 

Many thanks.