Course Presentation and video protection

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When I create a course presentation, I have 2 options to combine videos:

1. Regular video (from the upper tool bar)

2. Interactive video.

If I choose regular video then there is a download button that I cannot remove (even if I uncheck the download button).

To avoid that, I use the interactive video instead, even if I have no interaction, but then on the summary tab it looks like I haven't completed an activity and I loose points.

Any suggestions?


Thanks :) 


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I'm sorry, but I can't find a way to do it. I think this is a gap in the functionality that should be looked at, so I created task here.

- Tom

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Thanks Tom :)

I have recently joined the group. I couldn't find any content related to my subject of training area i.e. English.

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Hi Sanjay, you might have to search a bit around the forums or make a post asking if there are other English teachers willing to share tips on how to create content.

We are soon going to release an updated version of the software which will let you search for H5Ps related to different categories. Stay tuned!