Questionnaire content type available?

In the October release notes you mentioned a new content type called Questionnaire that would allow for open ended questions. I don't see Questionnaire in an option for the online development tool. Is this something that's only available for the installed version? Or does it have a different name? Or is it still in development?

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Mary Watt, Consultant

Byte Ideas


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In order to enable H5P Questionnaire on your site you will need to:

  1. Enable LRS dependent content types under H5P Settings (the location of the settings will differ depending on the platform you're using)
  2. Set up a service to process the events (typically an LRS)

Hi Tim,

What if we're just using the online version and embedding it in our site? We would just want users to be able to download and print the results but we don't necessarily need to store the data beyond the user's session.

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Hi Mary,

unfortunately questionnaire doesn't support that feature yet. You could, however, post a feature request in the Feature Request forum :-)

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I've been looking into why I can't use certain H5P activity types and discovered it's down to LRS not being setup. I assume if I setup LRS I will be able to start using those activites.

I'm not sure why LRS has to be used, at least not for moodle, it would be more ideal to log actions the default moodle way, record grades etc. But at present this is very limited and results for many things are not stored in Moodle/H5P.

Moodle + LRS

It looks like native LRS support is being developed for moodle. At the moment an LRS system is used seperately and it's possible to add an LRS plugin to moodle to handle the communications.

I also this useful article by Julian Davis -

Although this may be outdated by now given the pace of development....

I'd love this to be easier and have no need for an LRS system.


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Hi Mary,

I agree - If an LRS isn't setup I can't use Questionnaire.

However if I download a copy of the questionnaire activity and upload to moodle it displays, to the user.

There is no ability to create questionnaires within moodle unless LRS is setup - unless you do the above.

So, we can get the questionnaire to show to users, but there is no useful output or feedback in any way.

It would be great to at least temporarilly store the results and feedback for the attempt to the user - A Show / Print feedback button would be nice if not using LRS.


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Hi 'stopbit', have you tried using the Moodle Questionnaire plugin instead?

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Thanks Papi Jo for the suggestion - I had to resort to the questionnare moodle plugin, which is how things were already setup, I just wanted to migrate my survey's to H5P, which provides a nicer interface for students. H5P activities are much more user friendly in their presentation and usage. For now I will have to give H5P a pass for survey / questionnaire activities (both wordpress + moodle as I don't use LRS).


I tried every possible way to create open ended questions. The idea is learners will write the answer in response to a question. However, the only options available are multiple choice, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, drag texts, and true/false questions. The list of question types does not have open ended question.

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Quiz (Question Set) already includes Essay. I suggest that you update your content so that it will include Essay.