Hex Colour mismatch in H5P Course Presentation Tool


I'm currently trying to create a course presentation within Moodle.  I have edited an image within Photoshop to have the same hex colour background as the course presentation background.  It looks the same when the image is not imported but when I import the image in to H5p the colour looks different.

I've attached a photo of the page.  The hex codes are definitely the same.

Is there anything I can do in this situation as I really need the image background to match the course presentation background and I need it the exact hex code.  The hex code is #A0DAE5.

 Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks,





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Hi Catherine,
can you re-attach your screenshot?

I think I've added it below - can you see it? 


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I see, It seems like you got the wrong code from your photoshop file.
The color of your slide is #a0dae5 and the color behind speach bubble is #a6ffe9.

I am not sure why they appear the same when image is not imported but one possible option is that photoshop "Proof color" settings are set to "Working CMYK".

Changing background color code in photoshop to #a0dae5 should solve the issue.


It's solved - thank you for your quick reply.  My Photoshop settings were on Working CMYK as you suggested.  Going to Image - Mode - RGB Colour worked.

Apologies and thank you again.