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Long time user first time poster here. I wanted to see what the time line is looking like to integrate with drupal 8. I have been testing drupal 8 and it seems like a great package to upgrate to. I heavily use h5p and very happy with it but would like to see if moving to drupal 8 is a possibility. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Daniel,

Falcon has looked into porting H5P to Drupal 8. But it was a much larger job then expected, so it's been put on hold for now.

A Drupal 8 port is definatly something that the community needs, and it will be made. But if someone wants to step up and fund it, it will be prioritized. :)

- Tom


Thank you very much for your quick response. Do you happen to know what kind of budget is needed to fund it? 

I would be happy to pitch in. 


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Hi Daniel, you can reach Joubel (the company leading the development of H5P) at [email protected] for an estimation. 


Thanks and I will try Wordpress. Daniel

Has there been any progress on this? Definitely would love to see a D8 version of this wonderful module...

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Hi, there has been some put some effort into making a Drupal 8 integration based on the comments in: https://h5p.org/comment/10366#comment-10366. I'm however not sure how far along this integration is.