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awesome work to you and the team h5p is outstanding in interactions with the students. .

In mark the word.. I am trying to select a sentence like *I am* instead of *I'm* is this at all possible...


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Thanks :) No, I don't think this is possible, and I suspect that it will be more work than you might think to make it possible.

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I've just seen the same error. Well, I've made a description just in case of future updates for this exercise.

You can see it below:

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Thanks a lot!

We don't classify this as a bug at the moment. It's a missing feature. You can only mark words, not phrases...

Possibly a bit off-topic, but still a comment. When I was working/playing with the drag and drop module I noticed that it could be used for quite different purposes than I do, you could as an example drag words to mark or fullfill the content of sentences. In this case it might work "not so bad" if the "dragable items" are made "some partely transparent". Even though I'm making "technical training" I'm still "dragging" words into place. Just an idea.

By the way the build up of the Wordpress pages looks like something that can work quite well. This is just the 2014 theme? (Or some other theme?)

Hello again,

"Mark the words" content type with some marks ¿? ¡! " " ( ) don't work under some circumstances. I realized it making some exercises in Spanish.

You can see the description here.

Thank you!

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Thanks for reporting. We'll fix that as well when we start looking into how to support phrases in mark the words.