Moodle 3.2 backup course with H5P content

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We love H5P and wouldn't even consider delivering our courses without it, thank you.

The issue:

We are having issues with Moodle 3.2 to backup a course with H5P content.

It seems the backup times out or hangs indefinetely.

I'm not sure why this happens but, most certainly others would have noticed or experienced it somehow.


Does this happens frequently?

Is there a know work around?

Currently we are backing up without H5P content and keeping downloaded versions o H5P files to upload after a restore. This is not ideal since sometimes we retore as a NEW course that uses the SAME H5P content as the original.

Any assistance would be much appreciated

Kind Regards

Beto Boton


Hi there,

Have not suceeded in making a successful backup, even waiting for an hour. Import works well though.On Moodle 3.2.

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Hello maude

Thank you very much for your last answer.

I have tried the same left the back up running and went out for dinner. NO RESULT!
I have some courses that are "template structures" for creation of new courses and the contain common H5P activities tha if I can backup I would be able to restore as a new course and VOILA!

Lets hope we get some new ideas here soon

Kind Regards

Beto Boton

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Hi Beto,

It's great to hear that you enjoy H5P!

There is already an issue regarding performance issues with the backup on some systems: HFP-839. I assume that this is related to the same issue. Hopefully, we'll find a solution for this as soon as possible.

Thank you for sharing.

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Hello icc

Judging by the quality of H5P, I'm confident you guys will find a way to solve this.

At the moment I'm turning off all H5P from the backpup course (by type), backing up the course, turning on the download option for each H5P I have in the course and backing it up separately in a folder structure to reflect the topics where they go in the course. This explanation is just in case someone comes after a workaround in this forum. It worked for us.


Beto Boton


Hello Beto,

Nevermind import, I was able to do so 6 days ago but now it no longer works. We are also creating templates, or prototypes: Keeping hope as h5p and its community are favorites :)

Best wishes, 


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Thank you very much for your last post.

We just keep going!




Great Beto, I'll try your way. Under h5p settings, it is possible to select "Show download button only if user has permission to download" - this means it isn't necessary to turn on the download option for each h5p. 

I woke up to triplicates on the prototype course as I did try 3 imports yesterday over a period of 8 hours. So, it does work even if it appears not to be. (moodle3.2, h5p 13.03.2017 ).

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Good to hear that it works, but sad that it's so slow on some systems. This is due to the number of dependencies required. One option that could speed it up can be to excluding the 'Content Types' from the backup, which means that you would have to resolve any dependencies(add missing content types) manually after importing a backup. Is this a solution that would work for you? I guess it's simpler than downloading and uploading everything, but you would have to verify that everything works.

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maude, big thanks I have not noticed that option "Show download button only if user has permission to download" as everything moodle , too many option for an old man to remember!

as per ICC comments, well maybe for an organization with a team to take care of moodle the option of excluding the 'Content Types' from the backup could be viable, but on our case it is my wife and I team we do everything and it would be another task to pile up. So the decision we made is to buy a new Synology NAS where we can develop and backup contents, without having to rely on our hosting services to increase timeout values or help us with some programatic issue. Also we feel it is good to be able to use H5P website to create content, but this in our view should be an option for people starting to use H5P and we wouldn't like to abuse of this opportunity making it a working environment.

We hope to have all up and running in a month time.

One thing is for sure, H5P is a solution we've been asking for a long time.


Kind Regards

Beto Boton


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I understand, what you're saying sounds like a smart solution for many - keeping a local copy of what you create. Also, thank you for the kind words.