Installation fails in Moodle 3.2.2+

Hello, I've just installed the H5P mod using the zip file ( in moodle 3.2.2+.

everything seems to be ok during installation (no error messages) but moodle says that the plugin is missing on the hard disk and that there is an update.

The hvp directory is present in the mod folder with 421 files, 77 folders and approximately 4 MB.

During the installation process, i didn't see the page to verify H5P settings just after the page telling 80 new libraries was successfully added.

I tried to click on the "install this update" button but it fails.

I've uninstalled the plugin, suppress the files and retry the operation but the same happens.

Any idea?

Thank's in advance

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Hm, that is strange – sounds like it could be a bug in the plugin.

What does the web server's error_log say after you try to install it?

Sorry, There was some files remaining from a previous unsuccessfull try. After cleaning everything, install from the moodle website was successfull.

Thanks for the job