Inability to clone videos

For the past 3 weeks, I have been unable to clone video content. When it works, I can't make any changes to the videos. Often, I get the message "Server is too busy." Any suggestions or help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to add to what Anita said. While Anita was seeing "Server busy" message (she is located in Canada), I was able to clone and edit the video (I'm located in Europe) and I haven't seen the "server is busy" message today. The only problem I am having is adding Poster to the video. I was able to add the posted at 7pm GMT, but after, at 7:30pm GMT adding posters to other videos was not possible anymore (they are not saved after upload). My assumption is that server is currently overloaded with people creating/using content (it's middle of work day in USA). Would the service work fine at other hours (ex early morning or late night EDT time) ? Or this issue is related to something else?

Thank you

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We are seeing a lot of traffic at some hours of the day and our server is struggling to keep up, hence the 'Server busy' message. Just waiting a minute and reloading the page, you should be able to get around the issue

However, we are currently working on improving this issue and it should be resolved in a short manner time. Thank you for your patience.