Moodle Moot 2017 - H5P


Just thought you might like to know that I will be talking about H5P and Bootstrap at this year's Moodle Conference in London.

It's not a technical preesntation, more a demonstration of what H5P can do. As I have only 15 minutes (to talk about Bootstrap features too), I'll be showing Course Presentation, Accordion, Interactive Video and the Moodle plugin.

If you're at the Moot, come say Hi!


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Very cool! Let me know if there is anything you need. Not much has been done to help community members with material yet, but a few things have been gathered in this thread. The below presentation created by jelena.m isn't interactive but looks really good in my opinion.

Excellent - thanks! I will link to this but may not have time to show it (I only have 15 minutes).

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