SCORM in H5P by Eurekos


At Eurekos we are all in on H5P as the modern choice for interactive learning tools. We are working closely together and share roadmap plans and visions to get the most of it through user friendly interfaces and an even better penetration on adoptability with the users.

At Eurekos, behind the scenes, we planned how to work with SCORM and how to combine the interfaces to get the best user experience possible.

Why make a separate repository of content even if it is a different tehchnolgy stack? Why not combine and integrate solutions to keep it simple for users to access varous content types and simply make this possible through the H5P toolbox. Loosely connected, of course. 

We have developed a new H5P SCORM object, allowing you to add both new interactive content and customized content from any other SCORM compliant authoring tool. Work with them and add them as any other object directly on your page.

We have already incorporated H5P as interactive tools with user friendly interfaces and central repositories within Eurekos and logically, we developed the SCORM object to fit the glove, adding power through integration and using the right technology for the purpose.

We are using other open source server side modules, which we updated during the development. This SCORM H5P object is now shared with the H5P community. It requires Drupal to work out of the box, with appropriate modules.

Learn more about us at The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment.

Hi, will WordPress support?

I tried to install for Wordpress, there it does not work.

Great idea!

Hey Buylov - no, I am sorry. It requires Drupal to run as it is. The Wordpress community would have to have a contributed server side module and adapt this to make it work on that platform.

We will continue to develop this, though, and have already the next 8 improvements lined up.

Tell, what versions of the SCORM are supported - 1.2, 2004 v2/3/4?

Are the packages created in Storyline/Captivate/Lectora?

Update: We support most used authoring tools (Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Trivantis Lectora, IdeaTeam) and several others. Not all authoring tools store information about this in the package.

  • Both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (v1-v4) is supported
  • The main challenge is actually getting good statistics into the LRS through xAPI (which we do). The SCORM package must follow the SCORM manifesto to give good statistics and they don't all do
  • We surely don't have every use case covered from the myriad of Authoring tools covered in this first release - but we add to it each time our clients send us a piece of specific content to check how the SCORM package behaves. We cover pages and tests, when they are made according to the manifesto and we catch some "alterantives" from the common authoring packages

We have most use cases covered as it is, but we are continuing adding to this object, don't worry.

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Moodle support scorms, it's any way to use it in moodle ?

Great job, thanks for share :)


No, sorry - not until someone connects the object to Scorm handling in Moodle. However, it might be offered through the H5P site at some point, through the use of our contributed module. Then you could use it from that angle.

Eagerly waiting for this. Basically once the H5P content is embedded (or directly built via the Moodle plugin) the score should be available in the Moodle gradebook. If there is any other way to achieve this, please do let me know.

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H5P scores have been saved to the Moodle gradebook for quite a few releases now :) 

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It looks so cool! Awesome job!

- Tom

Thank you. Go to our site and try the demo. Build a course and try to work with H5P objects from the archive when building courses. It's a  totally different experience and makes it much easier do to and reuse objects or parts/courses in other relations.

we have not updated the demo system with this addition yet. The general release will happen during the first 2 weeks of April.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for this nice work. I would like to ask if you have any support for Drupal 8?

Best Regards,


We have several new updates but they are not for Drupal 8. This is simply not our focus right now. A lot of SCORM improvements of various types have been implemented over the last many months.

Hello, will the SCORM package work with Moodle please?

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I tried to upload your file SCORM H5P object in Moodle and I have a message saying it's not supported!

Did I missed something?

Thank's for your help!