Upgrade Help

Trying to upgrade to the new release (on D7), but am getting this error:

“The library "H5P.<name>" requires H5P 1.4, but only H5P 1.3 is installed”

Can you point me to where/hw to address this? Thanks.

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You need to upgrade the Drupal module to 7.x-1.1 before uploading the new libraries

I have the same problem. It is the Drupal itself that need to be upgraded and not the H5P installation on the Drupal Installation(?) I tried to use an automated procedure but ended on a menu for FTP logon. I dont use FTP on my server at all, only WinSCP via SSH.

Is it possible to have som advices how to handle this ? I guess "just to try out the different alternatives like writing over the old installation" quite easy will destroy all the exsiting H5P module installations (?) (So it all has to be done all over again.)

Any suggestions how to handle this. (I never tried Drupal before starting to use H5P.)

On the other way, the existing modules could be downloaded and reinstalled again (after a new Drupal installation), but it might be easier alternatives ?

But a server should be able to have two Drupal installations, side by side, like Drupal and Drupal2.

Could this be an "safe quick and dirty" just to leave the old installation "as is" and install a new one "side by side" and then to transfer content over time? 

Just some ideas as I dont know to much about Drupal.

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The fastes way to upgrade Drupal modules is by using drush and write "drush up" in your console, but installing Drush might be scary for ppl who don't do these things every day. The manual way is to:

  1. Delete sites/all/modules/h5p
  2. Replace it with the 7.x-1.1 version
  3. Run update.php (log in as the super user and visit "yoursite.com"/update.php

After this you should be ready to follow H5P's update instructions for the libraries.

Drupal's own update module instructions for production sites

It actually apeared to be quite simple. I first thought that Drupal itself had to be upgraded, but this was not the case. It was only the H5P "main module", and this was quite easy.


I dont know why I have drush already installed. If I should guess et was an option during the installation of Drupal. (Can not remember that I have installed it.)

Then Drupal and the "main H5p module" should be OK and the next question: How to upgrade all the small "content modules" (that contains libraries ?). Shuldnt that only be to install som "new stuff" (New content modules) shuldent then the new libraries/modlues "fall into place?".

I tried to find the answer myself. Hopefully it is right.


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It's right, but we have our own update instruction page with a file that contains all libraries.