Word Press, Sensei, Learn Dash

I'm 72 so bear with me. We have Wordpress site using Sensei to deliver a mixed-media online course (not interactive). We also have license for Learn Dash. Their support sent me the link to H5P.org and I'm keen to make all our course material interactive using H5P.org.

I don't understand if we need either Learn Dash or Sensei if we use H5P. And if we need one or other does H5P interface with either or which one?

I'm so excited but am not a coder or developer so need help from this new community.

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Not to worry, age is just a number!
I haven't personally tested Learndash or Sensei but I hear that they should be compatible with H5P. I recommend just setting up a WordPress site and installing H5P plugin and then see if the standard page embed and the lightweight result tracking H5P provides will cover all your needs. If you need more structure or other functionality, adding other plugins that provide this should not be an issue.

Best of luck to you and your project.

We have a website. We shifted after 15 years from Joomla to Word Press. I've sent your introductory YouTube video to our webmaster. I know html5 is growing stronger just as Word Press has over the years. I've also just started looking into authoring tools this past week. I've been reaching out to everyone about how any of those tools integrate with WP and either Sensei/Learn Dash. Suddenly your plug-in was suggested by Learn Dash (today). I'm on a mission.

Can I please ask another question. We have 40 eBooks, video segments and 2 audio. I want to use the options in H5P to interact with what we have (as well as create new content). How do I deal with eBooks that are PDF? I do have the content for all eBooks in .doc format. What I see in H5P examples is very little text but we have much more. Does that matter? I watched the H5P YouTube on how to work with video but I couldn't find anything that works with previous text.

Anyway if you're involved with the development ... THANK YOU! I just have to figure out how this can work.

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You're right, the H5P examples you can see on H5P.org have very little text as most of the focus is on interactivity.

There isn't a way to automatically convert pdfs or .doc files to H5P's so you'll have to do it manually. 

I recommend experimenting with creating content on H5P.org first and then start setting it up on your own site.

Let me know if you run into any problems!

Hi Tim

Think I have my head screwed on backwards. I thought that H5P was 'intergrated' into Learn Dash which meant that I would create a post on Learn Dash and then overlay interactivity using H5P. From what you said I think I don't have this right.

What I hear you saying is that once H5P.org is integrated that I actually create content and interactivity directly on H5P.org and somehow migrate that content/interactivity manually over to Learn Dash.

Am I understanding?

Sorry to take up so much of your time.


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Hi Wintergreen, 

you have your head screwed on the right way! I may not have been clear enough in my previous message. I was suggesting that it may be better to test drive H5P on H5P.org before installing it on Learn Dash just to get a feel of what H5P offers. Just create some dummy content on H5P.org and once you feel like you've gotten the hang of it, make the 'real' content on your Learn Dash site. Or you can just start on Learn Dash straightaway, it's up to you!

H5P integrates in the way you describe and it should be seamless. 

Kisses Tim. Your grandmother would be pleased!

As I've been investigating H5P (which by the way is absolutely beautifully simple for people like myself who are better than beginners but not techies) I discovered an interview with Dennis Hall and his LifterLMS. BTW he absolutely thinks H5P is incredibly beautifully set up and he is definitely a deep developer coder so that's a huge compliment! I have no idea who he actually is but from his background he has now developed a new generation LMS integrated with H5P and eAPI.

I'm in a steep learning curve about all of this but it's exciting. Technology has caught up with our needs and content after 45 years so I'm in dynamic movement to set up a comprehensive LMS.

Presently we have Sensei that does not integrate with H5P. Although we have a license for Learn Dash, I'm not too certain whether we should reinstall that or instead we go with Lifter. Lifter is membership instead of license and some of it's integration we already have so I'm not certain. If you have a suggestion from your experience about an LMS please let me know. Keep in mind we are tiny and financially challenged.

Now I understand what you were saying and I'll give H5P.org a go.

Once again, however you're involved with H5P  ... good on you!


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I'm glad that you've found H5P easy to use! 

I don't have any recommendations for LMS'. I would perhaps ask on the forum, there are some experienced e-learning folks lurking around there. 

I uploaded the plugin and activated but it seems when it appears on the editor bar, it removes other plugins that also have their buttons appearing there, particularly, MemberMouse membership plugin.

Screenshot of when H5P is not activated https://www.screencast.com/t/KwUMi4N4Ly2


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Yes, it depends on the order of things, but you are indeed correct. I've created a fix for it here: 3058183
This will be part of the upcoming release. It should be safe to the apply the code fix to your local code if you don't want to wait.