Cannot navigate from one slide to next or back again

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I am hoping someone can help. I just started to put together a new course presentation, but for some reason when I start the course I cannot navigation to the next slide.

The previous course I did works just fine.

Can someone suggest what I might have done wrong.

Thank you.


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Have you added more than one slide?

You could also link to the content you've created to this forum and I can have a look at it.

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Hi Tim,

Yes, I have a few slides. I don't know how I can link the content to this forum though. It is in my LMS which is part of my Drupal website and you need my login details which I do not want to make public.

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Probably easiest if we had a look. You could send them through the contact form.

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Hi falcon,

I ended up deleting the new course and started again and it navigates just fine now. Thanks everyone who offered help.