Drupal Multisite setup

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I installed the module and can't seem to find the node/add link for interactive content. It is setup on a drupal multisite install. on a basic drupal 7 install the node/add link appeared no problem. could you please assist.


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Aha, we'll have to look into this. I'll get back to you in this thread.

Hi Falcon,

I figured it out, it was due to the admin module which was installed on the site.

For people who come across somethig similar, make sure the persmissions are correctly setup.

Great Module!!

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Aha, thanks for the update!

Hi Again, I am having a problem with the h5p module being moved from a local environment to a dev and live.

On local i style the module and it works perfectly, then when i push to live or to dev environment it loses all the customization. is there a way (am sure there is) that there can be one style, .js / or better yet library for each content type eg memory game, has its global styles and .js so that any memory game created adapts to this style.

any help will be appreciated. also maybe remove Save content files for each revision and have one revision for each content type

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I need some more info to answer this:

  1. Where and how are you doing your styling?
  2. You've seen in the H5P settings that you can choose between supporting revisioning or not? (admin/config/system/h5p)