How to embed content?

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Sorry guys...

I'm not a WP newbie...but I hunted for an hour or so, to try to figure out how to easily get H5P content onto my WP site...It doesn't seem there's an obviously/easy quick way to embed it....I don't see any embed button in underneath the content or anything, and I can't seem to locate the file name after I create the quiz...Do I need to hunt in my FTP each time to do this? What am I missing here?

It's seems like a crazy simple question, but the answer eludes me. I can't see anything in the entire H5P plugin for wordpress to allow me to quickly and directly display my content on my frontend HTML page.

Also, does the forum have a search box for topics and things on the forum? I couldn't see a search box anywhere to find the content and answer the questions I have.

Kind regards,

Timothy F.

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Thanks for reporting this problem. So you've created some interactive content in Wordpress using H5P but you're unable to embed it in posts? Below is a screenshot displaying where the Add H5P button is located on a normal install. You can use that to insert H5Ps in the wysiwyg editor. Is this button missing on your site?

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Hey there...Yes, thanks for the rapid response! Night time in NZ...a long day...and a 'duh'...moment! I smacked myself on my forehead for that. Thanks for being so kind. :-)


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Ah, glad to help. Have a good night :)

Hi Falcon,

Me again,
how can h5p be embedded in a drupal site i keep running into an error (database) h5p_points' doesn't exist:, PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'weight' in 'field list': INSERT INTO {h5p_nodes_libraries. uninstalled, ran drush updb, cleared cache and still get the error after re installing.

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You're on D7 right? That is a mystery. Did you upgrade from a quite old beta version?

Im trying to embed hp5 downloaded from a website into my web page(html).
Please help..

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Hi adit.mrt,

You can use the built in embed function of H5Ps. You can find that at the bottom of the content. Once you have the code you can insert it in any page that allow rich text codes.



I have created an H5P course presentation with 30 slides. When I am downloading the file for reuse, it is showing only 9 slides. 

COuld you please tell me why is this happening? 

I am really worried as I am afraid I may lose my data.