How to develop H5P content on my desktop PC?

Can I test out and develop H5P content on my desktop and with no access to a server? Yes you can and it is quite easy as well.

You can intall a "H5P runtime environment" using one of the "WAMP stacks" (Windows, Apache, Mysql, PHP) that is available "out there".

Personally I have been using Xampp because I have used it during a couple of years and is familiar with this "WAMP stack". Xampp now also now also have Drupal as a "allmost one click intallation. As soon as you have installed Xampp with Drupal on your PC or Mac you are ready to download and install the H5P modules. Your local PC or Mac then works as a "local server" for H5P content development.

The local server can be accessed via your ordinary web browser on adresses or http://localhost (Possibly slightly different on Mac). 

The next time I set up Xampp/Drupal/H5P on a desktop, I will try to write down and post a few more details, or if somebody else does it before me, they can post the details.

And, Yes, I believe that H5P content that has been developed on your local PC/Mac can be uploaded to a server and also there is an option to copy the content from PC to PC, if you want to run it all without a network at all.

A slightly more detailed procedure for installing H5P on a ordinary PC:

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Great! Thanks for sharing :)