How to stop user from progressing until they answer a question


Is there a way to stop the user from skipping questions in an Course Presentation?



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This is unfortunately not yet a possibility in Course Presentation.

I submitted a feature suggestion here:

I have started work on it already but it would be good to get a sense of the best way to implement it.

Currently I have done:

  • added the new field to en.json
  • added the new field to semantics.json
  • added a param override to cp.js

I am not 100% sure how I can disable controls like active surface mode but still allow progression sequentially.

Would I need to modify some code outside of course presentation for that?



I am happy to do the development to get this feature added.

What is the best way to sync up with the developers to make this happen?

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Hi Damo1884,

Thank you for wanting to contribute! You're awesome!

There is a little bit on contributing on this page. But the best way to do it is the following way:

  1. Go to hte feature request forum, and describe the change you want to do. Also state clearly that you will develop this feature yourself.
  2. Someone from the core team will get back to you within a day, with some feedback
  3. You clone the content type you want to change from Github. And when you're finished coding, you create a Github pull request.
  4. Someone on the core team will then do a code review on your pull request, and maybe ask for some changes, before merging it into master.

That should be it. :)

- Tom