Upgrade of libraries

I guess this "howto" is still valid and that the downloadable file near the bottom of the page is updated in such a way that the upload of this file will lead to "updated libraries" (?!)


To find the "right place to upgrade libraries" on the Drupal admin panel:

Home -> Administration -> Content + the tab to the right: "H5P Libraries". Then it is just to upload the newest library file revision (?!)

(Please correct me if something is wrong.)


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You're correct - also note that update instructions and a package with all libraries may be found on the update page.



I really want to get this going!  Once I download and install updated libraries... it says "0 libraries updated"


Please help!

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No error messages? Might it be that you have all the newest content types installed already? Do you have the H5P content types Twitter User Feed or AppearIn?