Protect Videos with passwords / make them private

Dear Community,

im pretty new to H5P so i have some really basic questions.
Since i made a few Videos and edited them with H5P i now want to use them as part of a project at my uni. Since my Uni Website runs with "ILIAS" (not with Wordpress, Drupal or Moodle) i unfortunatelly can not include the videos directly on the website. So the only solution which comes to my mind is to simply put the URL-Links onto my Uni-Website, so the students get redirected to the H5P website... (maybe anyone of you guys has a better idea?)

My question if i do the above is:

  • can i protect my videos on the H5P website with a password or something else, that my videos cannot be played by anyone in public who clicks on the link? So maybe: Click the link --> redirection to H5P --> Password has to be typed in --> Video can be seen    OR: Create a certain link so that you only get redirected to the videos on H5P-Website if you click the link from my uni website?


Thanks so much for your help in advance!
And sorry for my little knowledge about these things :D

Protect Videos on H5P with password or certain link
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No, unfortionatly you can't have private material on But you can host it on, when it is finished later this year. I recommend that you sign up for updates on that page, of you are interrested in that service.

Currently your best option is to host a WordPress, Drupal or Moodle site, seperatly from your ILIAS site, where the h5p content can be hosted.

I guess you can do a shoutout to the ILIAS/H5P communities, for someone to create a plugin too. :)

- Tom