Multi-answer multiple choice problem with Samsung Galaxy S4 stock browser?

Has anyone else experienced problems with the scoring of multiple-choice questions (with multiple correct answers) using the stock browser of the Samsung Galaxy S4? I had a user report that her answers were not being scored correctly (and she had screenshots to verify), but I don't have an S4 on hand to verify. The question works fine on all of the desktop browsers and iOS browsers I've tested it on so far. 

Many thanks for any information or confirmation. I have an old SIII I'll dig out and test it on tomorrow, but was curious if anyone else has seen this issue.

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Could you upload the screenshot?

Here's a partial screenshot. The red feedback box at the bottom is a custom div whose visibility is triggered via a correct response (listening to the H5P's xAPI statement). The user's response is correct, and this all works correctly on other browers and devices we've tested it on. I haven't had a chance to test this on my old Galaxy SIII yet, but hope to do so soon.

Another important piece of information: this particular question is being presented in the context of a Drupal quiz (but using H5P 7.x-1.1, not the 7.x-1.2 version just released). Many thanks for any tips or ideas.

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Ok, and the red box appears when the xAPI completed event is triggered? And it uses the scores in the xAPI event? By the way Quiz works much better with 7.x-1.2. There you won't have to press check to have your scores recorded.

Yes, the red box appears after the xAPI completed event is triggered and is conditional upon the accuracy of the response. I've upgraded to 7.x-1.2, but I think the problem is still occurring.

Incidentally, I think this may be part of a larger problem with H5P quiz questions on touch devices in general. I have since replicated the exact same problem with an iPhone 6 (and had a user report the problem with an iPad Air). I reported it here:

And, to reiterate, the problem only seems to occur when H5P is used as a Quiz question in Drupal.

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Ok, I'll follow this up in Won't be able to do it right away since there are a couple of issues there that needs fixing. Thanks a lot for reporting!