Customize Design of H5P


I am currently researching ways to integrate H5P into moodle. Since we want to use a specific theme in moodle and design is very important to us, we would need to adhust the way H5P looks too.

How customizable is the look of H5P? I only found this article, and it says "CSS really may mess up the functionality".

Thankful for hints on this topic - as well as contacts to developers who could do this kind of customization.




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Currently, the only way to customize the look is through CSS.

Thanks for your answer. Would the fact that one can only do it through CSS limit the options to customize the look? (Assuming one has a good developer to do that)

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No, not really in terms of looks, but if you want or need to add new elements to the interactions that would be more difficult – But still far from impossible. You could even "fork" a content type and create your own version if you desire big changes.