Using H5P to enhance the employability skills of UK educated Chinese students


The University of Warwick Student Careers and Skills team created two e-learning resources to enhance the employability skills of UK educated Chinese students. The two pilot resources cover an introduction to career planning and innovation skills; areas that previous reserach had identified as important for UK educated Chinese students. Below are the links and a summary of each resource:

The Prepare2GetAhead e-learning resource gives an introduction to career planning for students and provides a step-by-step approach to enable students to develop and create their own career plan.  The resource aims to help students to make the most of their time at university and to explore options that interest them, as well as gain relevant skills and experiences. 

The Innovate2GetAhead e-learning resources provides students with an introduction to innovation skills and developing an innovative mind-set.  It is aimed at all students, as the activities and case studies can be applied to students looking to go on and work for organisations; for students wishing to develop their own family business and for students looking to start or develop their own business.

H5P was used to provide interactive learning activities to support the content. Each web page included content and an H5P learning activity. H5P offered a broad range of activity types that were appropriate for the target audience, were quick and easy to construct and amend.  The following H5P activities were used:  course presentation, quiz, hotspot, column, multiple choice.  tudent feedback has been very positive.  Ideally this resource should have included some social learning using a learner forum but this was not possible.  Instead an experimental approach was taken through adding links to the Chinese social medial platforms WeChat and Weibo. 

Further funding is being sought to continue the development of this work.



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