Grades of Quizzes in Column not go to Gradebook in Moodle


I'm not sure if this is a bug, though I've tried many times, I added a Quiz in a column, and I completed it with a student role, I could see the final grade on the H5P interface, but the grade did not go to Moodle Gradebook. 


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Hi, you must complete all questions within a column before the activity is registered as 'completed', at which point the score will be registered and sent to the Moodle gradebook. I think this could be handled in a better way though, since this is not very intuitive.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.  your're right. I think it might be because of the interactive video ( but without quizzes and interactions)  in it. By replacing it with the video format, i could see the results in gradebook.

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Yeah, similarly Interactive Video is only considered 'completed' and registered in the gradebook when the whole video has been viewed, i.e. you watch the last seconds of the video, so the Column would not be considered 'completed' before Interactive Video had been completed.
I hope something can be done with this to make it more intuitive in the future. :)