Changing language

To change language of a H5P module, that allready have a "language pack", you will have to open the H5P file and edit the h5p.json file. Is this right? (There is no "online method for doing this?)

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All texts shown to the user when viewing an H5P is editable in the editor. 

PS: If you install the norwegian language pack on WordPress, and selects Norwegian as the site language, the H5Ps you create will get norwegian text by default...

I want to change it to Pangururan language.

From where can i install it?

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Hi Npole Kanchan,

First someone needs to provide the translation. To do this you can follow the instructions on this page.



OK I guess the PS: explained why there is a norwegian language pack in the small "Hallo verden" module. I wondered how to use this. Thanks.

Do you have documentation about the way to change the language. I would like to use a Dutch and French language package. Are those packages available?

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In Drupal H5P uses the same language as the rest of the site. I don't know WP too well, so please get back to me if you use Wordpress. Duch and French isn't available, but you can contribute those translations, I just made the files you'll need available.