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Hi, i try to translate  h5p-interactive-video , Unfortunately I am a beginner and I want support, I started using fr.json as a template, it is easier for me, I translated using,  but when I tried inserting ro.json into mdl_hvp_libraries_languages with phpmyadmin I failed. I do not know how to do it.Many forum references are for wordpress, what is the difference and how do I do for Moodle?

First step, i proceed to backup my sql database, second i proceed to locate database interactive-video( id 95 from mdl_hvp_libraries), but where and how  insert ro.json? ... to mdl_hvp_libraries_language ?

I saved ro.json to my local testing server ubuntu - /home/moodle/Downloads/h5p-moodle-plugin-interactive-video-editor-ro.json

Then I tried to insert with the formula: {"content":"from","json":"/home/moodle/Downloads/h5p-moodle-plugin-interactive-video-editor-ro.json"} (screeenshoot to attachment)

Any detailed Moodle support  it will be of great help to me, I have lost a lot of time,i receive repeated bugs to the database


sorry for my badEnglish

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Hi iulianghetau,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having problems with adding Romanian translations. \

Here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. If you want create tranlsations and see them locally, you'll have to use Drupal since you will need a development environment to view non-standard H5P content types. Drupal is currently the only platform which supports a development environment for H5P.
  2. Use github to clone Interactive Video into the development folder
  3. Create a new romanian language file using the fr.json as an example and translate it accordingly
  4. Check the translations 

I have edited the documentation to make it a bit clearer:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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:) Thank you for feed back, it's really a problem with translating h5p for moodle, I'll try with editor widget and I hope to get results shortly. I will write on the forum how i did. You worked a lot on this great project and thank you again for support !