Custom CMS - Drag and Drop question does not work

Hello, I would probablly end up uploading the whole source for my project. I am trying to implement the H5P thing without using the regular CMSes but a custom one. The code is very hacky and I would not show unless I have to. Bascially I just rewrote the wordpress plugin to work without wordpress. The most stuff actually seem to works but I got a javascript related issues in the content addition part.

So when selecting this Drag and drop type I end up with the text "[field:group:wizard:question]" and some fields under. Apparently somthing do not loads but I do not know how to debug it. I got no javascript error at all.

If anyone have any ideas what I could be missing, perhaps there are some javascript library that I forgot to load or something? Are there a good point to begin debugging at and output any text? Please, if you can, help me.


Okay, I solved it. The libraries_libraries table had an unique key.

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Sorry for the late reply. My inbox has had the upper hand lately. Hope to hear more about your project. If you'd like to document how you integrate H5P in your custom CMS we would be very happy to receive such documentation or give you access to create it directly at

I am not a big fan of writting documentation, I should have wrote it meanwhile I worked. A such documetation will not work without extensvie amount of example code I guess.

The good point is I gained much knowledge of the wordpress plugin now and I have an idea how this could be done for scratch. It is much work and I kind of lack intrest. Maybe I could just explain how I did, ripped off the wordpress plugin. That will result in ugly code and many bad practises. Also all is not implemented because well, my company did not need it.