website: "The embedded version and the Developer SDK has been deprecated, and will cease to function on June 30th.."

How will this affect h5p?

Content types: 
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You can keep the embed code from the API as is today, but instead of opening within your website itself, a new tab will open.

Most likely there will be a button that takes you to the room in a new tab, instead of an embedded room, like it is today.

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I am a little puzzled why "" has been removed from the H5P suite of content types. It is one thing that adds the missing link to rich online interactive experience. It is on that I have been promoting for small study groups and on the fly meetings. 

Will it be replaced with another service?


Regards, Robert

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When removes the embed option, it's not much us 3rd-party developers can do about it.

It is currently no replacement on the road map, but I wouldn't rule it out.

- Tom

I was already using Etherpad on my site so was an easy alternative.

I think its code could could be a good reference to start with implementing WebRTC in h5p since they're both based on javascript. Apple have announced that Safari will support it soon and same with Edge.

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Yea, I was also reading that WebRTC has some good momentum, earlier this week.

Thanks for the tip!

- Tom

Along with an actual h5p WebRTC content type, I started a feature request for embedded Etherpad support.

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It would be awesome if H5P had its own system that you could set up for this, not having to rely on third parties.