course presentation: no copyright info for background images shown


I see some strange behaviour in course presentation:

the copyright information of a background image is not shown, when clicking the rights of use button. The copyright info for images added as image is shown normally. Also the rights to use button doesn't show if I have only background images (with copyright info set). (please see attached image copyright1)

If I upload the demo course presentation from this website, this doesn't happen. Even if I add a new slide with new background image, all copyright info is displayed. (see attached image copyright2)

The site uses Moodle 3.2.3 Build 20170608;       H5p version 1.4;    course presentation v1.16.0

I tried this also on 2 other Moodle installations (v3.2.3 / v3.1.6 both with h5p v1.4) with the same effect.

Browser Firefox 54.0; Safari 10.1.1

Do you have any idea, why this happens?




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Hi Pinhedra,

Can you please post the screenshots again.


Here they are. Sorry, don't know why they were gone.

It seems to work if I have at least 1 "go to slide" object on one of the slides.

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Thank you for reporting this, it is indeed a bug.
I have created an issue in the H5P issue tracker for this: