Access Denied

When creating content, do I have to click a button to allow others to view it?  I created an interactive video to share as a quick example for the staff at my school and nobody can view it.  I can only view it, if I am logged in.

When trying to access the interactive video, it gives the message "Access denied, you are not authorized to access this page."

I looked through the settings and did not see a place where I could set permissions.

Here is the link:

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Hi lisanebeker,

We have been receiving a lot of spam as of late and to help us control them we set-up a spam filter on the site. Your content may have been

inadvertently  unpublished by the filter but don't worry we regularly check it and re-publish contents that are not spam.


This post is to support 'lisanebeker' who posted the forum about receiving this message :  Access Denied.  I too am receiving this message when I try to use the embed code.  I am delivering a PD to staff in about week's time.  I was hoping to use the assets I created in H5P consisting of a variety of different interactions I created.

I have to log into the H5P to make them work.  This is contrary to the way I wish the teaching staff to use this.  I can't really promote H5P if it's causing restrictions to how its used.