Speak the words does not work on ipad


I have created a few speak the words contents. They worked fine on the computer but they did not work on the ipad... Should it work in chrome on an ipad?

  • Hardware: ipad air 2
  • Web browser: chrome version 58.0.3029.113
  • Speak the words content are created in wordpress version 4.6.6, and H5P version 1.7.12. Then they are embedded in a moodle book, on a page.
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Picture of error message

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Hi mariaso,

This looks like the Chrome browser made for Ipad does not support speech recognition. I tried to reproduce the issue and I'm getting the same message when I create speak the words content in H5P.org.


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The appstore policies state:

Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript.

So you are not really using Chrome on iOS. You are using Safari with a Chrome skin.

- Tom



Thank you for the information! Speak the words is limited then... Maybe in the future....