Some questions from a newbie

Hi all,

I really like the look of the content that you can create with H5P, but I have a few questions before I dive in too deeply:

I want to use H5P with Moodle. Can I add content anywhere on a Moodle page and can its size be controlled?

If I have a quiz can the results be saved per student so that they can go back and check their scores?

Using some of the tools such as the slideshow, I can't seem to change the font. Is this posible?

Thanks in advance,

Nigel Gilbert,

Northampton College.

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The Moodle plugin is currently implemented as an activity so you can use and place H5Ps any way you can use other activities. The Moodle plugin does not yet support embedding, so it is not possible to place it anywhere, see for more info how on others have worked around this, until the embed feature is in place.

Yes, quiz scores are always saved per student. By slideshow I assume you mean "Coures Presentation", if so it is not currently possible to change the font within the authoring tool, however you may customize H5P however you want if you have some css experience through hooks/themes, see

Hope you like it,

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the responce. I will look into customising H5P. I'm enjoying using it very much :)


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You're welcome Nigel. I'm glad that you're enjoying the contents :-)