How to search the content of h5p?

there is search box at top of list of H5P Content. but looks it would only search title of each Content. are there any way to search the content of H5P Content? if there is no such function, when will it be planned to implement?


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Yes, it only searches the titles. It will take several months until we support searching the content. (It will go faster if someone contributes a patch for this or sponsors this feature.)

I am quite new to php and html5, but I may be able to do little bit of work. would you mind to tell me which php file searches the title. I would see if I can do something when I have some free time.

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The function ajax_contents() in admin/class-h5p-content-admin.php search through the titles and returns the results. 

You should be able to search throught the content by modifying:
$where = "WHERE hc.title LIKE '%%%s%%'";

$where = "WHERE hc.title LIKE '%%%s%%' OR hc.parameters LIKE '%%%s%%' ";

But be warned, this might be slow. For good results one should index all content in a search index like Sphinx or Solr.