Inserting other H5P content into course presentation


I'm mostly using Course Presentations but I'm wanting to put an image hotspot I made in H5P into one of the pages of the course presentation. Any suggestions on how I can do this?


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It's not possible to do that at the moment. You'll have to do some development to make that possible. Are you a developer and interested in doing this?

I suggest to add one kind of link/reference, so if anyone wants to reuse a H5P in Question Set, Boardgame, or Interactive Video, instead of adding a new question, he can just select and link to a existing H5P.

how feasible to do this? 

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You can do that in just a few hours, but it's not something we'll add to the official version of H5P. We need such a solution to be well thought out. What happens if the question is changed? What happens if it gets deleted? What happens if the libraries it uses isn't upgraded and another one is, making you end up with a multichoice 1.1 and a mulichoice 1.2 in the same qestion set resulting in lots of unexpected behaviour.

Sadly, I'm about as far from computer literate as you can imagine :( I did get a dev friend to help me change the background colour in course presentations this week so I'm learning :) It would be a fantatic feature to have in future if its possible but its way beyond my skills Im sure. Thanks for the response anyway.