Single Choice Video Bug


I use H5P for Interactive Video and face a strange bug. When I used Single Choice Set in Interactive Video, I enabled Retry and Show Solution option. 

But whether I answer the quiz right or wrong, the result showed no Retry and Show Solution button. It only showed Continue button.

Please check the 2 attached images for more information. 

Did I do something wrong? Or is this a bug for Single Choice Set in Interactive Video?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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This should be working. Double check to make sure you haven't set the 'Override "Retry" button' option under 'Behavioural settings'.

In my case it doesn't work. 

I also set the option you mention unchecked.

I have tried many times to create other videos but still get the same result.

Or is my plugin bugged?

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Try creating an interactive video here on and see if it behaves the same way.

Ok it solved my problem. Thank you very much icc!

How did you solve it? I have the same problem right now.

The problem appears with the single choice and multiple choice questions.

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Hi LernFilme,

Did you enable the Show Solution/Retry options in Behavioural settings? Where are you creating the content?


I'm working with the authoring tool on These are my settings: Action on wrong with "allow the user to opt out and continue" and "require full score for task before proceeding" enabled. With the "full score required" option the retry button is automatically enabled in the behavioural settings for the interaction. This works perfectly with the "drag text" or "fill in the blanks" interaction but not with single or multiple chioce questions.

Here are the screenshots.


The overwrite solution and retry button option doesn't change anything. It looks like the action on wrong overwrites the retry-button for single and multiple chioce questions. When this actions is empty the retry-button appears.

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I'm glad that you found the solution. This is actually by design. I think that this is mainly used to drive point in the course.