Upgrading from h5p 1 to 1.4


We are enjoying creating content on h5p. However some issues:

1. The site is on Moodle version 2.9

2. The h5p plugin is on version 1. We want to upgrae to 1.4. If I were to uninstall the plugin and reinstall -- would that imact the exisiting h5ps?? 

3. I was able to back up an h5p content with course back, in the existing version 1. However the speeds are of serious concern. While you site mentions addressing the course back up issue with 1.4, what about speed. 

4. Would you recommend that I just wait a bit longer to upgrade ?



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I'm happy you're enjoying using H5P :) now to your questions:

1) This should not be a problem, Moodle 2.9 is supported by all H5P versions, however we would always recommend staying up to date with the latest stable versions to get the latest bug fixes, security issues, performance improvements and features.

2) When uninstalling H5P all tables are cleaned up, so you would lose all your content. You can upgrade H5P, without uninstalling it to get the latest version. Whichever approach you take, I would recommend always taking a backup of all your valuable content before upgrading your site.

3) Version 1.2 of the H5P plugin greatly enhanced the performance of backups, imports and restores. They should be much faster now, let us know if you are experiencing any speed issues after upgrading.

4) I would recommend you to always stay up to date with the latest official release to get bug fixes, performance improvements and the latest features :)

- Thomas