Quiz (Question Set) in Interactive Video

From looking around the web site it appears that Quiz or Question Set should be allowed in interactive video but I don't seem to be able to figure this out.

I would like to include differing question types within a quiz/question set inside an interactive video. It only allows for Single Choice Set or a single multiple choice or single true/false.

Is this something that should work?

I need quiz because it seems to be the only content type that allows stopping progress in the video until the questions are answered correctly.

It seems like the "question" style types within a video should all act consistently and have the possibility of requiring a correct answer before proceeding.

This would be great to add to Course Presentation as well. That would make H5P actually useful in a learning context to be able to make sure someone actually answers the questions correctly. If I have missed an important point please let me know!


It looks like I can use individual questions and Adaptivity feature to force a correct answer for each one. That works for now, It looks like the new "Contracts" feature for question types might be moving in the direction I was thinking.

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Hi daveb,

I must admit you beat me to the "Adaptivity" feature. This should work for now. Also there are plans to integrate most if not all content types with "Course Presentation", using "Question Set" in "Interactive Video" is a very big possibility.