Drupal 7 Error message upon installing module

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Hello H5P community, I hope someone can help me with my installation.  H5P looks fantastic, and I'm very eager to implement it on our site. Thanks for all the hard work that went into the development of this product, and for any support that I can get.

My problem:  I first tried to install the H5P module on my Drupal 7.56 development server running iis/ms sql server, but I received several error message.  I thought it might be related to directory permission.  So I made sure the “files” directory had read/write/modify for the iusr, iis_usr, and the anonymous users. I also received an error message stating “Your server does not have SSL enabled”, although it does.  My development website is not available to the public, but within our intranet.  So I figured the H5P module was trying to reach its own website and could not.  Which lead me to install H5P on my production site, something I do not like to do before configuring and testing. I received the same type of error messages on my public site as well.  Please see attached.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.






Installation on Drupal 7.56
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jpg file attachment did not take, zipped up the jpg, attached successfully.  Thanks again.

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You need to enable the openssl extension for your php. Which php version are you running ?
You can send your phpinfo() if you are unsure if this is on for you, found at /admin/reports/status/php.
After this you may re-enable the hub in the H5P Settings /admin/config/system/h5p, like the message says, to see if the new settings are valid.

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Hi Thomas, Thank you for getting back to me.  I'm running php 5.6.12., and the openssl extenstion was indeed commented out.  I had the semicolon removed, and the IIS restarted.  That error message went away, thank you. 


After that I received the following error:


Warning: unlink(sites/default/files/h5p/temp/h5p-595655db27c99/H5P.CoursePresentation-1.16/fonts/DroidSans-Bold.ttf): Permission denied in H5PCore::deleteFileTree() (line 2251 of ..\sites\all\modules\h5p-7.x-1.31\h5p\library\h5p.classes.php).


I found that the anonymous (IUSR) user account did not have modify permissions to h5p\temp directory. So I change the temp directory to sites/default/files/tmp/h5p/temp, and manually moved all the directories over to the \tmp directory.  All errors stopped, so that seemed to have fixed that.


So now I’m able to create H5P content type without error, but I do not get a "Course presentation editor" window on the create and edit form, but instead I get "[field:group:coursepresentation:presentation]"  instead.


I  hope this is an easy fix.


Thank you for your help again.




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This means that your installation can't find the course presentation editor widget, likely because it is missing or not installed properly.
I suggest uploading the official example of Course Presentation (https://h5p.org/presentation) to your site, this will install any libraries that you are missing. If this is not helping try repeating the same process with "H5P Development mode" on, which will force your libraries to update, if you have a corrupt library.

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Hi Thomas, Things are coming along.  I was able to install the following content types. 

Course Presentation


Interactive video

Drag and Drop


Multiple Choice

Fill in the blanks

Thank you for your continual support!

Now I'm trying to install the Quiz (Question-set) content type, but I continually receive the error message "Could not validate H5P file".  I tried both the HUB, as well as uploading the .h5p file.  I also get a long list of property errors after I try to install this module.

Please let me know if you have any advice on how to get Quiz (Question-set) installed.

Thank you once again.  Your support is terrific!



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This could be caused by several issues, e.g. ZipArchive not installed, invalid package, or that you don't have permission to upload it, do you get any additional error messages when you refresh the page, or in your error log ?

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Hi Thomas,  Thank's again for your quick response!  I've attached a zipped MS Word file that incluses screenshots of the error messages that I recieved trying to install.  The fille also includes comments.  Please read it over, and let me know what you think is going on. thank you!


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Hi Thomas,

I was successful installing the Quiz (Question Set) content type.  Please see attachment above (content types errors.zip) for more about that.  So I went on to my next content type, but recieved the same error message.  Please see the latest attachment for more detail.

Thanks again for everything.  


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It looks to me like something is going wrong with the download or the unzipping. It seems like not all of the files are intact or some might be missing.