Can´t Add Content

Good Day!

I´m trying to use H5P, but came across some issues.

I tried installing in two separated web hosting accounts. Both shared.

One is in php 5.6.30 and the plugin doesn´t work properly. I´m using the worpress plugin for a fresh wordpress install. First when trying to add new content, the hub doesn´t load. Also, neither i can upload contents that i´ve downloaded from thw H5P website. The error that appears nis that my php doesn´t support ZipArchive. I´ve dowloading to my web hosting accoun t Zip Archive php module via package management , but did not work as well. I did not understand what is happening since the documentation sais that H5P works with php 5.3+

On the web hosting that has php 7.0 the plugin works perfectly. But Ideally i needed to use the other hosting service.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A lot of PHP functionality has been split out into different extensions so that people may customize PHP to meet their needs. This means that even if you have the correct version of PHP you'll still need to enable the extensions that your application requires for everything to work.
H5P requires the ZipArchive extension in order to handle compression, without it H5P simply won't work.


I believe your web hosting service should be able to provide you with a guide on how you can enable the extensions you need.
This is usually not a module or package that you download, but rather a setting in your local php.ini.