Audio not playing using the embed feature


Using the Course Presentation module. It has audio in some of the slides. Audio plays just fine when I 'View' up on, or when I download the *.h5p file and use it in my Moodle site.

But when I try to use the 'embed' feature in a web page, the presentation functions all work except there is no audio available when the user clicks on the audio file link.

Any help in what I'm doing wrong is appreciated.



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Hi Dan,

That's wierd.

Can you link to your content page on, and I'll try to replicate your bug. Which browser are you using for testing?

- Tom

Hi Tom, 

OK, have no answer for this, but it is working perfectly fine this morning. 

My apologies for bothering you. 

Thanks for the quick reply Tom. H5P is fabulous. 

Best Regards, 



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That is good to hear. No worries Dan we are glad to help.