Cant H5P do that all the following? Thanks for letting me know.

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Hello H5P'ers - I had to coin a new term for that, sorry.

I've just joined H5P and have a few quick questions about H5P content creation tools, specifically the Flashcards and Dialog Cards ones:

1) Flashcards Tool

....................a) Can you add sounds (and images) to either or both parts of a set or can this be achieved only with the Audio Dialog tool?

2) Audio Dialogs

.............a) Can I add a sound to the back of a set and not just on the front side as it appears to be on the h5p website?


Is there a compilation somewhere on the internet of all the H5P content creation tool made officially and non-offficially?



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Hi CosmicLove,

Welcome to H5P and H5P'ers has a good ring to it :-).

For your questions:

1. Currently there are 2 ways to add sounds to dialog cards. Either you upload an audio file  or link to an audio URL.

2. That is not possible at the moment.

I would say though that both features can open a lot of possibilities. I suggest that you post a feature request here.

In terms of the content types that are available you can find it here. I don't think there is a reporsitory or list of tools/contents that are experimental/planning or abandoned states.


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Thanks, BV52 for your reply,

Question #1 was about the Flashcard tool...I think your reply for that section was targeting the Dialog Card (which I mistakenly refered to Audio Card in my original post)

So just to confirm, #1 the Flashcard content creation tool can have sounds on BOTH parts of a card...yes? No?. 

As for Question #2, Did you mean sound cannot be added to the back of the card? 

Thanks for clarifying these points for me.

Who can I speak to if I want to have a customization job done on the Dialog Card or Flashcard tools or any other tool for that matter?

Thanks so much for your help


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Hi CosmicLove,

Sorry I got confused a little bit. But to answer your questions.

The flash cards doesn't have the option to add sounds. You can only do this on the dialog cards but only on the front side.

You can also send an e-mail to [email protected] if you would like to sponsor and/or contribute in improving the contents.