Forward Progress Button On Dialogue Cards Not Working

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I am running the lastest version of Mac OS Sierra and the lastest versions of Chrome and Safari. Content created on Wordpress. On both Mac and LG smartphone ( latest Chrome browser )  the Dialogue Card forward progress button does not work. When pressed the button blinks and also appears to the right of the card count, but program does not progress to the next card. Any suggestions? (

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Hi twc57,

I was able to verify the issue with the page but I am unable to reproduce the issue using my own created content. Can you provide the following information to further investigate on this:

1. Is the issue isolated to this site?

2. Can you reproduce the issue when there are no other content on the page?

3. Please download and attach the H5P file here.


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Hi BV52...

1. Yes, it would appear so. Everything works fine in editing mode.

2. I could not reproduce the problem after removing the other content. The Dialogue Card module worked properly.

3. I have attached the file.

Thank you. I am looking forward to finding out what has caused the conflict.

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Hi Tim,

I have tried reproducing this on your site, but I am not able to. I see you say you have removed something, but I am not sure what is removed. Anyway, I am quite sure I know the reason what is the problem. An H5P can be inserted into the page in two different ways, as a DIV tag or IFRAME tag. Dialog cards is inserted using DIV, which means it can be affected by other CSS and JS included on the page. When using the iframe approach this will not be a problem.

I have created a issue for this here

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Hi Pal... thank you. The iframe embed did the trick! Cheers...