How to add an Audio Question into an Interactive Video

Is it possible to create an Audio Question and embed this into an Interactive Video OR Add sound to one of the interactions that the interactive video has? 

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Hi JamesAustralia,

Currently this is not possible. But you can head over to the Feature Request forum to post your request/idea. Please be as detailed as possible and give examples of use case.


Thanks BV52 - I will do that. In the meantime as a workaround I've created a video with just sound and background image to emulate an audio recording that I have embedded into a multiple choice question, which is working well. However, despite ticking the box to disable user downloading the source file - the download button is still visible. How can we remove this please? Thanks

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Hi, this sounds like a bug. To be able to try to reproduce this I need the following info:
What version of the H5P plugin are you using ?
Which settings for display do you have in the global H5P settings ? 
Which display options have you set for the actual H5P ?