H5P Con 2017 - who's going?

Thinking about attending this. Is anyone from the UK going? I am struggling to find direct flights from the UK to Tromso - some flights are 23 hours with changes!

Any advice?


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Three of us are making the trip from the University of Southampton, we're using H5P in wordpress and Moodle and hopefully Blackboard. 

We're flying out from Gatwick, missing the first day but will be there until Friday morning. I can let you know our travel details if you'd like. 

cheers, Stephan


Ooh yes please - that would be great. 

I'll add you on Twitter :)

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wanna drop a short bio and pin on this interactive map! I would love to be able to see and network with attendees before we arrive!

Hi again.

It's looking like travel may not be easy for us unfortunately.

Can anyone at H5P advise if the content will be streamed live or made available afterwards?

Thanks :)

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Hi danjeffries,

As far as I know there are plans that the talks are recorded, published, and possibly live streamed too.


That's great - thanks!

It would be fantastic to have published recordings of presentations, as I am located in the U.S. and will not be able to make it to the conference in person.  Looking forward to viewing them!

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We're going to try our best to record the sessions, depending on the availability of a camera crew. 

- Tim 

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I'll also try to bring a camera and to share some footage after the conference.

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Oh ! I just started a new branch about this too! Here--let's use this interactive map so we can all get a glimpse of who is attending and how we can network with each other. 

So thrilled to go the first h5p Conf and very much look forward to meeting and sharing with you. I'm using Moodle and h5p, some WP.