How to perform a file system level manual inatall on Moodle


For our Moodle site, we do not allow the web server to write into the document root (moodle/html) directory. All plugin installations or upgrades are done by copying the plugin files into the appropriate directory in the document root at the file system level based on well-known Moodle install procedures.

I need to be able to perform a similar installation for the M5P Moodle plugin and specifically for any files related to content types and libraries. But, I have found no documentation on either the site or the site to support this form of installation. I also have not found a way to download these files separately.

How would I go about doing this?

Anny help would be appreciated.




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H5P should be installed in the "mod" folder like any other plugin. Simply copying the H5P moodle plugin content to "moodle/mod/hvp" then running any db updates inside the Moodle interface should be sufficient to install it.

Once installed all writes that the H5P plugin does will be to your chosen "moodleData" subfolders. The standard way to download new content types wold be to use the built in H5P Hub in the authoring tool of H5P, an alternative would be to download examples from and uploading them through the authoring tool. A third, more advanced method would be to build libraries straight from their source using the H5P CLI.

Hi guys - I'm looking to do the same thing; Manuall installation of Libraries - but this time for Wordpress.


Can you provide any guidence for this?

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What do you mean by manual installation of the libraries ?
As stated in my previous post the three most conventional approaches to installing libraries would be either through the H5P Hub GUI (authoring tool in the H5P plugin) which communicates with the API, or through manually downloading H5Ps from the "Examples & Downloads" page at then uploading each library to your own site, or building them directly from the github/h5p repository sources and uploading them through the "H5P libraries" page (this is advanced, not recommended).