Creating Content - HELP!

So trying to create an interactive self-paced learning module. 

Have begunw ith using the Content presentation template. But I also want to add hotspots to the pictures in the "slides" or create my own models/frameworks. But, unable to do either! Please help!

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Hi P.Mehta,

Welcome to H5P!

I'm sorry but currently image hotspot is not yet included in CP. Although there are plans to include most if not all of the contents in CP but I do not have the timeline yet.


Thanks for the clarification! Would you have any ideas on how I can make my presentation more interactive in that case? more moving pictures, and such?

Is there a way for me to get the text boxes to show up one after the other? maybe on a click or timed?

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Hi P.Mehta,

A workaround would be to add a link to another content in this case a hotspot activity.

For the text boxes feature I suggest that you head over to the Feature Request forum and post your suggestion there. Please be specific on your description on what you want and add use/case scenarios for a better chance of it getting implemented.