Problems with WordPress translation


I translated all phrases and words in file.pot (and .po/.mo), but some of these are not translated in WordPress backend.


Phrases not translated:

Here is a short guide to get you started:

Select and download the desired content types from <a href=\"%s\" target=\"_blank\"></a>.

Upload the content types through the <a href=\"%s\" target=\"_blank\">Add new</a> page on your WordPress installation.

Start creating your own interactive content through the <a href=\"%s\" target=\"_blank\">Add new</a> page.


And this phrase is not included in the file .pot:

Look for more content types on


Any suggestion?

Many thanks!


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Hm, that is strange. It should be possible to translate all texts, so I'll have to look into it.

Thank you for point this out.

...but I tested again the plugin in my language and I confirm these translation problems.

You can check these texts in my file.pot. ;)

Thank you!

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Looks like I've forgotten to put in the plugin_slug on some of the texts in the plugin. So sorry!

The issue should be fixed in the commit af7a7bb, and will be part of the next release.

Again, thank you for helping discover this issue :-)


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We try to encourage people to use the issue queue on GitHub if they think they've found a bug. That way it will be easier to keep track of which issues are fixed, needs fixing, etc.

I'll post in GitHub for bugs...

I'll wait the new plugin version with files json in my language to check that all texts are ok.

Thank you!