Wordpress does not show drag-and-drop images

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Hi how are you doing??!!

I installed H5P in WP 4.8.1 and with the drag-and-drop activity, when I add the background image it does not show it to me.
I have read that there may be problems with the path to the image.
How do I solve this problem?


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Hi Horacionomade,

Welcome to H5P!

Does this happen to all images that you try to use? Would it be possible to provide the image file that you are using?


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Thanks for replying BV52!

Yes, I tried several images and none was shown.
In the same domain I tested H5P with moodle and it worked correctly, except for not being able to control the size of the image.

I pass the images I tried to drag and drop into WP


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Make sure you're running the latest 1.9.2 plugin.

Also, try checking the URL of the image that's failing and check the file system to see if the image is really there. Something might have gone wrong on upload. Also, verify the file permission.

You can use the debugger in your browser (Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome) to gain more knowledge of the failing images. 

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Yes!!! It was that!!! I had v.1.9.1, I just updated it and the image looks !!!

Thank you!!! all done!!!