Is it possible to track user in Course Presentation?


Is it possible to track user actions, like clicks for navigation in Course Presentation?

Thank you.


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In our upcoming release you'll be able to track when a user changes slides and when a user attempts a question within a coursepresentation through our xAPI integration.

It will be great! Thank you. Will we able to add,remove or decide the activities to track?

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H5P creates javascript events for all these activities but doesn't provide a gui or storage for them. You'll need third party code to store them and choose what to do with them (is which ones to track)

Thank you. I believe since most of the content developers are not coders, having this choice would make big difference among the others.

Thank you again.


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Yeah, we hope to see developers create and share great modules and plugins that makes use of our xAPI statements so that content developers can make good use of it.